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  • Sonoma County Real Estate Markets – Still sizzling

    As reported last month, we were anticipating a buy rally in the market which happen to coincide with a lack of new offerings that has put upward...

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  • A Strong August for Housing Market

    Sonoma County did as we predicted this last month as it showcased a strong demand for housing - much stronger than years past...

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  • New Homes in Sonoma County

    We have not been able to say that in any real quantity for more than a decade. With values recovered from the Great Recession coupled with the unique circumstances that were handed to us from the wildfires of 2017, we are once again seeing abundant new construction – and the subsequent sale of these new homes – within the borders of Sonoma County.

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  • PD Market Trends 5 SR Santa Rosa - Hot August Nights

    Our real estate markets are showcasing a similar vigor. With our Santa Rosa metro region shifting to accommodate the new market dynamics that are upon it, the traditional “bell curve” of activity may be in process of being reshaped.

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  • PD Market Trends Regional a Departure From the Past

    The month of August usually showcases a hiatus in our markets as buyers become distracted by a multitude of events.

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  • Open to The New

    Unveiled for the 148th time with its storied past continues to challenge the world’s most proficient experts at every turn.

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  • Interest Rates Roll Back

    The markets anticipation of a Federal Reserve interest rate cut came through this week.

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  • Decision Time Looms Over Market

    We anticipate there will be a significant shift in local consumers demands and the actions they will take.

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  • Land - The Secret to Selling

    The secret to selling is to objectively evaluate what you have relative to other sold offering’s then price yours competitively.

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  • Markets Gaining Momentum

    The trend continues in our region with increased supply being met with an equal if not greater boost in demand.

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